Brow Stencils


The shape of your eyebrows can ultimately define the entire structure of your face. This is why a good brow is so important, prices of eyebrow waxing and threading are on the rise, so i want to show you a product which can give your eyebrow shape. Without the pain of going to the beauty salon.

K Co brow powder an stencils cost £22.99 and comes in a great set with 4 different colours (bare in mind this set is for blondes) which you can mix to create the colour best suited to your natural eyebrow. The clever stencil can be simply placed over the eyebrow and filled in using the powders to create a flawless arched eyebrow.

The problem i have with this product is that I already have an eyebrow pencil/powder that I like and forking out £22.99 seemed like a lot of money for one stencil. So I went digging and found a set by W7 called brow bar which only cost me £2.99 !!

 For £2.99 this set contains 4 colours, 3 stencils which allow you to mix and match the shape and thickness, a eyebrow brush and a eyebrow comb and these simple instructions

1.Comb/brush eyebrow hair upwards
2.Place eyebrow stencil over the eyebrow in desired position
3. Brush the eyebrow with a colour shade that matches your hair
4. Carefully remove the eyebrow stencil from the eyebrow.

K Co is ten times more expensive than the W7 brow bar and only contains one stencil compared to W7 which has 3.

W7 brow also allows for the desired shape of the brow to be customized which K Co doesn't. K Co's powder formula may of better quality than the W7 powder however if you already have a preferred eyebrow filler then it is a no-brainer as to which set to choose.

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