Highlight me....

Highlighting is when you use a product either cream or powder based which contains light reflecting particles, when these particles catch the light they trick and create an illusion that makes things bigger. 


The lips are one area of the face that women are always trying to make appear larger with the use of make-up. Whilst lining the lips is important to achieve a fuller lip many don’t realise how much a touch of shimmer/highlighter can drastically change the size of your lips.  I find using a cream highlighter like N07 skin illuminator works best as it is easier to blend and tends not to sit on the skin, however if you would prefer a powder based product I recommend Bourgois Light Concentre de Lumiere. 

 To instantly open up your lips and makes them look twice as large apply the preferred highlighter to your cupid's bow and drag down along the center of your lips then carefully apply a small fine line of highlighter along the bottom of your lower lip, applying the highlighter in these areas will draw attention to the middle of your lip and create an illusion of bigger lips.  Remember that whilst it may not look like a drastic difference in your bathroom, once outside it will be a lot more noticeable due to lighting, therefore don’t go crazy otherwise you will end up looking like you've been eating glitter.

Highlighting can also be used to create bigger eyes, simply take the same highlighter and dab it in the corner of your inner eye, this technique is a favorite of celebrity make-up artists.
This tip is easy to play around with and there are loads of ways to work with highlighter, I've only mentioned two but experiment and most importantly have fun.


Coconut is a favorite natural beauty product among the stars, with a less than designer price tag it’s cheap and delivers amazing results.

 Coconut Oil can be used as a body moisturiser; the small molecular structure allows the oil to seep deeply into the skin, providing intense moisture perfect for winter when your skin is dry and irritated.
The best way to use this oil is as a deep moisturising hair conditioner. It stops protein loss of damaged and un- damaged hair and when left on the hair as a mask for half an hour helps to create smooth shiny locks which scream hydration.  No need to buy an expensive deep conditioning salon treatment, instead use the natural goodness of coconut oil to bring your hair back to tip top condition.

Step 1
Pour 1 cup of hot water into a small bowl. Scoop 3 tsp. of coconut oil out of the tub and place in a container, next place the container into the hot water, this will turn the solid coconut oil into an oil consistency.
Step 2
Massage the coconut oil gently into damp or dry, concentrating on the ends.  Spend up to 10 minutes working the oil through your hair
Step 3
Wrap the hair in cling film or cover with a shower cap, you can leave this product on your hair for an hour or if you need it overnight.  Shampoo twice to make sure there is no build-up of oil left in the hair.

Dramatic nails !


Haven't been able to do a post in ages, been a busy bee, which meant painting nails has been a hassle. I have been using false nails instead.... not the conventional french polish ones but more exciting dramatic ones like the ones above. 

These stick on nails have made regular appearances on nights out because they add instant drama to any outfit. The above sets of nails are both from Boots. The gold ones are from 17 and are £5.99 and the Umberto Giannini Painted Lady TALONS - Black Bobble Artificial Nails are £8.50. The reason I am loving stick on nails is that they are quick and easy to apply as well as easy to remove and you never have chipped nails!! They aren't super long which means they are easy to wear throughout the day without getting annoying.The glue in both of the sets lasts long especially the Umberto Giannini glue which lasted for 4 days before a nail came off.