Very ColourFoil Wonderland

Wanna be as edgy as Rihanna? or just looking to find an alternative to your everyday red nail varnish then look no further than Ciate's limited edition Very ColourFoil manicure! Create a unique looking manicure at home with this simple to use box set! The set comes in 3 different options, Carnival, Kailidiscope and the one I purchased, Wonderland!

 Step 1
Apply the cream soda  nail varnish with 2 coats and leave to dry.

Step 2
Apply the foil fix glue to the areas of the nail in which you want the foil to stick to, leave for a minute to become tacky.

Step 3
Place chosen coloured foil on nail shiny side up, press down firmly and then quickly remove.

Step 4
Repeat with the different foils (the key is layering) to create your unique colour clash manicure and finish with a top coat

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Plait It up !!

French braid merging into a ponytail with a braid wrapped around it.

I have been pretty adventurous the last couple of days, wearing my hair in super cute french plaits (reminding me of my childhood.) Normally I am lazy and do the bare minimum when it comes to my hair, but after seeing a friend and getting major hair envy I decided I needed to up my game!! I've now got such braid overdose, below are 2 of the hairstyles I tried out, but mess around and find your own unique style! If you can't plait then there are great tutorials on Youtube, (spent hours watching) so get playing, or better still have a girly sleepover and get your friend to braid your hair!!

French braid merging into a ponytail with a braid wrapped around it.

A french braid on either side merging into one long braid at the back

A french braid on either side merging into one long braid at the back

After removing my braid, look at the beautiful waves (hair is definitely not red!! odd lighting)


Ooooh Kevyn....


 Kevyn Auccoin was a make-up genius and is a huge beauty icon of mine. His tried and tested techniques live on today through his brand  which have created products to allow women to look beautiful at all times! Every now and then I splash out on a treat from Kevyn Aucoin. My latest purchase (which I'm very proud of) contains everyday eye essentials and things found in most ladies make-up bags.

Best of Eyes box is full of goodies ensuring that you have all the tools to create beautiful eyes quickly and with ease (Aucoin's ethos.) This is truly a make-up lovers dream come true, it is the perfect present, so if you are a boy (god help you) and have accidentally found yourself reading this, remember this product, Christmas isn't far around the corner!! Parting with £84 was rather painful although when you consider that you get 5 products that I almost guarantee will become part of your everyday beauty routine it is so worth the sting! I mean seriously the volume mascara, eye pencil primatif, precision brow pencil, essential eye shadow and wait for it dun dun dun The Eyelash Curler all in one box ahh almost too much to believe!!
 Lets start with The essential Eye shadow in Bronze, what a fabulous colour! A gold that manages to look  natural is almost impossible to find as they normally tend to have too much glitter in, however this shade is more  luminous creating a glowing finish to the eyes. Gold eye-shadow isn't exactly inconspicuous but this one can be worn day or night  giving the impression you were tucked in bed by 8'oclock, creating wider brighter eyes! The eye-shadow itself feels creamy upon application, blends perfectly and doesn't crease, ever.... hoorah!!

Fancy being complemented on your incredible eyebrows on a regular basis? then you need to invest in the precision brow pencil! It really is the perfect  shade and application tool for all eyebrows and is super easy to use, it sculpts and defines your eyebrows whilst the thin lead helps create the look of drawing on individual hairs. Perfect for holidays as the formula is waterproof, so you won't sweat it off (disgusting but it does happen)
 One end is a retractable pencil and the other end features an eyebrow brush, 
 The eye pencil primatif is a a slim pencil with a smudge tip to help with blending, the black is super duper pigmented and lasts all day long! Frustrating to remove but worth it, allowing you to last all day without getting panda eyes! Again a good black eyeliner is something every girl should own!

 For those of you who don't use a eyelash curler, I urge you to buy one and try, the difference they can make is incredible, they help make your eyes look wider and larger as well as making you look more awake! Similarly as popular as Shu Umera's eyelash curler, however this curler has a red silicon strip making it easier to see and get closer to the base of your eye!
The volume mascara has a unique thin brush allowing you to access right into the corners of the eyes and thicken every single eyelash. The formula doesn't clump or flake and is defiantly one of the longest wearing mascaras I've worn to date! It just seems to work wonders for my eyelashes, defining them, lengthening them and thickening!
Overall I am excited to incorporate these fabulous products into my everyday beauty regime, and I recommend the set for everyone and anyone!!

Do you prefer Shu Uemura eyelash curlers or Kevyn Aucoin? Let me know below :)


"A girl should be two things classy and fabulous"

Chanel lipstick is one of a kind  in my opinion in terms of colour, longevity and feel, there is nothing in my eyes that compares to it. Their rouge hydra-base creme lipstick is a soft creamy texture which creates smooth hydrated lips, and certainly no cracking, smudging, fading or splitting! Speaking of smudging please remember that lipstick should be worn with caution around raging hormonal men, saw a terrible sight the other day with a girl whose lipstick was on her forehead, kiss with caution! Back to the lipstick, the finish reminds me of satin and the colour 'splendeur' which is a bright almost fuchsia pink complements all skin tones.

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Glowing skin, I'll drink to that!!

For 2 months now I have been following a healthy eating diet based loosely around that of supermodel Miranda Kerr, today I want to discuss with you the most important part which is breakfast!
Ever heard the saying you are what you eat? well sure enough your skin will reflect the food you've been eating, so make it as nutritious and healthy as possible!! That's why I have my green smoothie every morning to help kick start my day, packed full with Chia seeds, Maca powder, Goji berries, Spirulina powder and Coconut water. Not only will your skin glow but your digestive system will thank you!!

Watch the video below to see how to create my breakfast/green smoothie

Chia seeds- High source of fiber, omega 3-fatty acids and antioxidants that help fight free radicals, ageing and cancer!

Maca powder-  The plant has a exclusive sense of balance of proteins, carbs, anti-oxidants, plant sterols , minerals and vitamins.

Spirulina powder- 65% protein and amino acids including the essential fatty acids GLA, which has gotten attention recently for its anti-inflammatory properties (good alternative to protein powder.)

Goji berries-Goji berries contain the highest amount of protein in any through and are the most nutritionally dense fruit available. high in fiber, vitamin c and boasting 15 times more iron than spinach as well as calcium and zinc.

Coconut water- Low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas and super hydrating! even if you don't fancy this smoothie, get on the coconut bandwagon you will really see a difference in your skin

All ingredients available at Holland and Barett
I don't recommend it for taste but there really is no better way to start your day!



Today is the 25th of September which means grab something pink, wear it and support breast cancer!! I decided to do a pink lip and a pink nail!

 I used Sally Hansen- Shrimply Devine and Ciate-Caviar Pearls in prom Queen, watch the video below to see more


For the lip I used Maybelline-Colour Sensational lipstick in Summer Pink

All Hail Argan Oil

Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil Special Treatment Masque
After a long summer my hair has been through its fair share of trauma, long exposure to UV rays, over-styling, and being dipped in and out of chlorine has left my hair dry and screaming for moisture! In need of a masque to bring it back to its former glory I followed the advice of my hair dresser and invested in Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil Special Treatment Masque.

Argan oil has been hailed a beauty breakthrough in recent years and this product is no different, it quite literally drenches each individual hair shaft in specially formulated Argan oil, reliving the even the most driest over-processed hair.

Directions for use

1. Thoroughly shampoo hair, making sure to rinse properly

2. Apply  a generous amount to hair starting at the ends and then working and massaging  into the scalp

3. Leave for 30 mins (No need to ever leave any hair products over-night your hair only absorbs so much, 30 minutes is enough)

4. Rinse thoroughly, and behold you have manageable, silky smooth hydrated hair !!

 Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil Special Treatment Masque  £19.99 buy here!


skincare routine- broken down

I find the subject of skincare, one which is hard to talk about, simply because what products and techniques may suit your own skin, could cause havoc on someone else's, so bear that in my mind when reading my routine!

I've been following this routine for a couple of months now, and it works really well for me. My skin is combination but lately has been oilier than normal with yucky spots (hormones!), and some of these products are specifically targeting that.

I adore make-up and its something that I have battled with as it does clog the pores,  in the evening I need a cleanser which will remove every last bit of make-up. PLEASE PLEASE if you take one thing from my blog do not go searching for a product that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, this tends to be a  sign that you are using a product to harsh and that it is removing all the the oil (some oils are good oils) completely from your face, this is completely counter-productive if you have oily skin! Your body will over-produce oil and put back twice as much  in your skin causing even worse acne/spot problems!!

La Roche-Posay, Effaclar, oily/sensitive skin £10.21

La Roche-Posay is a french skincare company who specialize in sensitive skin, personally my skin isn't sensitive however I am always look for products, especially  cleansers which  are soap free, alcohol free, paraben free and colorant free and this product is all of those! It purifies helping eliminate impurities and excess sebum , making it perfect for oily skin  and at £10.21 its a bargain!!
available at Boots

Estee Lauder- Advanced Night Repair

Will do a separate blog entry on this new product but it is worth the £65 price tag, its much better to spend more money on your serum then your moisturizer, so if you are counting your pennies remember to think about serum first. In brief it is an upgrade from the original night repair formula,  I never used the original formula however I was drawn to this product when I heard that not only does it repair the skin but it also purifies, making it ideal for my skin-type, in fact this product works with every skin type and can fit into any skincare routine easily.

Vichy, Normaderm, Mosturiser £9.65

Another french skincare brand, Vichy's Normaderm range is specifically made to target problem skin, this mosturiser feels fresh on the skin whilst still hydrating, Not only has this reduced my pore size but it miraculously reduced the redness of any spots I do get. It has an amazing fresh smell. This mosturiser has diminished the appearance of spots whilst also keeping my skin hydrating which means its not over producing oil! Like all products its something you need to try and see if it works with your skin but for me its a fantastic buy.
available at Boots

No7- Beautiful skin, Cleansing water £9.00

Because i'm so conscious of removing too much 'good oil' I use a cleansing water in the morning, again this particular one from No7 is for normal/oily skin and really refreshes me upon waking. Its gentle and quick which is something that's very important in my morning  routine but it also does the job leaving my skin feeling clean and awake.

Manuka Doctor- Apiclear, Skin Treatment Serum £18.99

Bee Venom is an ingredient which at the moment everyone is raving about. Manuka doctor uses bee venom in all of their products, making them perfect for older women or those who are worried about fine lines and wrinkles, it gently plumps the skin giving the appearance of healthier more youthful skin. Their range Api Clear is for people with problem skin, the products contain propolis which has powerful antibacterial properties and a manuka factor of 18+ (will do another post on manuka honey.) I use this serum in the morning as its not too thick so glides on easily and seems to seep quickly into my skin, also because of the plumping effect it can really help with making me look alive when I'm hungover or have had a severe lack of sleep. 
Available at Holland & Barrett



1. Remove make-up with La Roche-Posay, Effaclar: splash face with warm water (don't use boiling water it will damage your skin) and lather the product into skin, concentrate on the t-zone area, then remove with a warm flannel or a muslin cloth (this will also remove dead skin cells), making sure it leaves no residue. If I've been on a night out or have worn a huge amount of makeup that day i will repeat the process.

2.  Next I apply my Estee Lauder- Advanced Night Repair, by gently massaging the product all over my face excluding the eye area. I use my fingertips to really work the product in making sure I'm moving in an upward direction and not pulling on the skin too much.

3. After leaving my serum to seep into the skin I then apply Vichy Normaderm moisturizer, again following the same technique I used with step 2.


1. Upon waking I remove my flannel from the fridge where it has been chilling overnight and apply it onto my face, this helps to reduce puffiness and awakens my skin.

2. I then apply No7- Beautiful skin cleansing water to my skin using cotton wool pads, moving from my t-zone outwards and upwards, this product doesn't need to be rinsed, making it quick and simple to use.

3. Next I apply my morning serum Manuka Doctor- Api Clear skin treatment serum. I use the same application technique as i used when applying my nighttime serum and moisturizer.

4. Lastly I apply Vichy Normaderm moisturizer and then apply make-up if needed straight on-top, some days when my skin is particularly oily I skip the morning moisturizer, but with winter approaching I highly recommend it!



  Illusion D'Ombre- Mirifique, £23.82

I tend to be that girl who gets taken in by big brands like Chanel because of their clever marketing, big dog status or their beautifully designed pots perfect for show on a dressing table.

But Chanel's range of illusion D'ombre eye shadows are faultless! The clever innovative gel texture glides on easily, this one of a kind almost bizarre texture is so easy to use and to play around with. Doubling up as both an eye shadow and a eyeliner makes it definitely worth the money. But if you are not yet drooling over this product, you will be when I tell you that it comes with a super duper little brush (which my dog ate!) Its a shadow/liner brush designed alongside the product to work with the unique texture.

If you like your shimmer, you will love this, inside the formula are platinum, gold and bronze reflections  creating an iridescent luminous shade which will WOW on a night on the town. When it catches the light it looks absolutely divine, trust me you will have the whole rooms attention with this product!!


Illamasqua’s Neutral Palette

Illamasqua is a brand which may come across quite intimidating due to its background, originally created for alternative personalities and the OTT but incredible makeup that the artists in the stores wear! I urge you to re-consider your opinion about this brand, they have some of the best pigments I have come across and like all makeup can be applied to your personal preference. Whether your style is subtle natural make-up or Hollywood glamour these make up products will work for you!

I came across the Neutral Palette on a recent dash to Selfridges to be dolled up before a friends birthday. You may not know that most of the brands in these department stores offer an hour of makeup application for roughly £30, (price depending on brand) however with this price not only do you get flawless make-up but you can keep any items which add up to the price you payed! FANTASTIC a free makeover.... 
On this particular day I chose Illamasqua to make me into a princess, firstly because I knew their pigments lasted, which for me was top priority as I had 4 hours in between being prepped and the party. Secondly I wanted a new foundation, and had previously bought Skin Base which I adored, (perfect for creating a glowing complexion) however like all of my recent shopping exhibitions I went needing one thing and came out with something completely different. I'm not regretting my purchase, in fact thinking about it, this product is now a staple part of my everyday look therefore I must have needed it!

I was drawn to the Neutral Palette for the simple reason that the fabulous make-up artist created a masterpiece on my eyes with this quad, all the colours complemented each other perfectly and were practical! What girl doesn't need a chocolate brown shade (wolf) for contouring , a nice n’ neutral base (Stealth), a shimmery gold which is exclusive to this palette (vintage) and an intense matte black to create an smoldering eye (Obsidian). Use them together or separately to create a range of looks, but most  importantly they last, whether  its that you've been  dancing just like Beyonce all night long or so you think, or because you've burst  into tears and are screaming at your boyfriend in the middle of a busy street "I'm on my f-ing period," when he suggests eating a more healthy dinner instead of pizza! HOW DARE HE!

One thing I would point out is that it is a slight pain to remove, so I would recommend a really good eye-make up remover something like Smashbox-It's a wrap, will do the trick. Sadly a quick swipe with a make-up wipe just isn't going to cut it.

I applaud you Illmasqua, you've created a perfect product for £34 which suits all colouring's, creates multiple looks and is oh so practical, what more could i ask for.... (daddy,  I really NEED a new foundation.)