Sensuous Nude

If you are looking for a nude lipstick which wont drain you of colour if you have a paler complexion, look no further than Estee Lauder's Pure Color Lipstick in Sensuous Nude. Paler complexions tend to avoid nudes however this has a gorgeous soft peachy tan to it which compliments all skin colours. 

This lipstick is also perfect for the colder months as has extreme moisturizing properties and feels silky and smooth on the lips. 

It was  created by makeup artist Tom Pecheaux who used his time as a chef as inspiration for this colour. he took the idea of the macaroon and decided to do a lipstick that had a creamy center but a beautiful outer shell. These lipsticks have a moisturizing core and a firmer pigmented shell wrapped around it. They really do taste delicious with subtle fragrances of sweet vanilla.

The staying power of these lipsticks isn't the best I've seen and i have yet to find a lipstick which has staying power and still moisturizing  This is the best I have found, but make sure to keep it in your handbag close by for touch ups throughout the day.


What was in my beauty chest this week....

I've taken the iconic "what's in my make-up bag" and decided to do a "what's in my beauty chest" for two reasons,

1. Too many products to fit in my make-up bag
2. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday ;)

Products: Chanel- Hydra Beauty Serum, Clinique-Repair wear, Yves Saint Laurent-Le Teint Touche Eclait, Bourjois-Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder, Yves Saint Laurent- Touche Eclait, Mac- Select Cover up (contouring), Bourjois-Healthy Balance powder, Models Own- Eyelash Curlers, Bourjois- Volumizer Mascara, Estee Lauder - Pure Colour Lipstick in Sensuous Nude, Soap&glory-Archery (eyebrow pencil) Bourjois- Light Concetrate de Lumiere, No7-Lip pencil in Nude, Ecotools- Kabuki brush and Blending brush

Favourite product this week- Yves Saint Laurent- Le Teint Touche Eclait
Best high budget buy- Estee lauder pure colour sensuous nude
Best low budget buy- Ecotool brushes- Kabuki and Blending brush
Fashion Essential- Earmuffs
Perfume- Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Have spoken about most of these products, the ones I haven't done yet I will cover this weekend



Barry M- Peach Melba

How cute is this nail colour, especially on tanned skin.  Slightly sad as this is probably the last time i will get away with wearing a  peachy shade now that  we are moving into winter (Snowed last night WOOO!)  I love Barry M polishes, they are easy to apply and they have a fantastic shade range. I promise to do a more seasonal shade next time. 



Radiant by Benifit

Can you believe this only cost £10 !! Amazing present idea for a friend this Christmas with some great gems inside. Will do a proper video review after I've had time to see how the products feel on the skin etc.

Moisture prep

Triple performing facial emulsion

It's potent eye cream 
Total moisture facial cream

Foaming clean-Face cleanser

refined finish facial polish


Perk me up please

My mummy bought me this benefit set as a present for being her favorite :) I think this product is such a great concept. Inside the Perk Up Artist are custom complexion correctors which you can use on their own or mix and match. 

Pretty self explanatory the correct, corrects any pigmentated skin for instance in the winter my nose tends to light up like Rudolph the reindeer so i use this to calm everything down and bring the colour back to match the rest of my face. The cover works the same way a concealer does by cover any blemishes that the foundation hasn't masked. Finally the Brighten, lifts and draws attention to certain features of your face.It comes with a double ended brush but my dad hoovered it up :(. I never really like the brushes as i feel concealer should be applied with the finger as it helps warm the product up.

These can be used on their own or you can mix them together, for instance mixing the cover and brighten together and applying under the eye to create an illuminating concealer which brightens the eye area. 

The best thing about this product is that you can throw it in your bag and touch up your make-up throughout the day.

Mr Bright

Recently rekindled my love for benefit, Haven't worn any of their products in over two years but after getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted (recommend them however slightly pricey) today I decided to purchase a new set Finding Mr Bright this set me back £28.50. Inside this cute little box contains everything you need to brighten your skin for the winter months.

Girl Meets Pearl:  This is a great highlighter that has an extremely sweet smell to it. Use it along the arch's of your eyebrows, cheekbones, center of your nose and cupids bow. Apparently the smell is meant to relax you due to the hints of chamomile, not sure how much of this is true? Really easy application no need for frantic blending, seeps into skin nicely.  Great brightening effect with this highlighter, immediately gives a rather tired looking face a lift.

Posie Tint:
Unlike Benetint this product is more of a gel formula which is great as its easier to apply and less watery  Doesn't have a scent unfortunately however its a great pick me up when added to the lips or apples of the cheeks for a rosy red cheek look. I also feel this product goes a long way, make sure to blend properly so you don't look like you've been stuck in a sunbed for an hour.

High Beam:
This well know product is made to highlight underneath your brow to create an impression of a bigger eye by lifting the brow. It actually won Style magazine's best illuminating lotion/cream award which must count for something!! Don' let the pink colour put you off I really do think it suits all skin types.

Erase Paste:
Sorry if your super into this product and punching the screen in anger when i say I don't like this concealer., I found this concealer to sit on the top of my skin without melting in. Perhaps if you have more supple skin around your eye area it could work for you. Good example of how make-up can be great for one person and terrible for the next. I do however recommend this product if you need heavy coverage for skin problems such as acne. 


In conclusion I think this set and a lot of sets by Benefit are really great present ideas. It contains some really lovely products which are great for travel. Take these minis in your hand luggage and apply just before landing to give yourself a perk. Also the case doubles as a keepsake box once you remove the inner packaging.


With my birthday slowly approaching i just had to show you these super cute bath bombs designed to look like cupcakes
  These are available in Fenwick's and not only create a relaxing bath experience but smell so good!! recommend these as presents this Christmas.


Skincare I've been using this week

Clarins- Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs for normal/dry skin- £17.50

Murad- Essential C Cleanser-£13

Chanel- Lait Confort- £45

Soap&Glory- Intensive- Action Pore-Refining Facial Peel- £8

No7- Uplifting Firming Mask-£13

St Tropez- Naturals Radiance Self Tan For Face-£21.45

Watch the video below to hear all about these products.

LOVE H xxx

Hello Kitty Make-up

BOLD. BRIGHT. FUN.   Popped into super drug to pick up some mundane everyday things when Hello kitty's display caught my eye. Nail polishes, mascara, eye shadow  lipstick, eyeliner a whole host of goodies in really bold playful colours. A great  stocking filler for a girly girly this Christmas .

some of Hello Kitty's new nail polishes

Champagne anyone?


The new limited edition Vaseline- pink bubbly. Doesn't really smell of champagne but I love Vaseline lip therapy so any new additions are welcome!!
cute colour

golden girl

We're beginning to approach the festive season, apologies if you think I'm being premature in the celebrations, but Christmas time is a big deal for me, not only is it Christmas but my BIRTHDAY! Which i regard as the most important time of year. Office work party's are looming so i want to show you a really fun and dazzling gold smokey eye to wow.
 For this look i used my Naked palette by Urban Decay, if you don't have this I really urge you to buy it,  the best colors are covered in this palette and I solely relay on it for my everyday eye look.  It has a brilliant range of metallics, for this look I used  the shades: Half Baked, Smog and Darkhorse.


I also used my mac 217, and my two silk pro brushes the smudger and flat eyeliner. 

To create this look i added Half baked from the inner corner of my eye to the middle of my eyelid not taking it to the outer corner. Make sure to add half baked into the inner corner to make your eyes pop. next i used my 217 to apply smog on the outer corner of my eye and  towards my eyebrow (don't take it too high) i also took this color on the lower lash line with the flat eyeliner brush to create depth. Lastly i used the smudger to run Darkhorse along the natural crease of my eyelid to give the impression of deeper set eyes.

Add mascara and hey presto you're ready to party :) For this look i left my lips nude using Estee Lauder pure color in sensuous nude (really beautiful nude color)

                                                  HOPE YOU LIKE THE LOOK

Love H xx

Mac satin lipstick in brave red


 Decided to try out a lipstick someone got me as a present. What are your thoughts on this shade? to me it came out quite pinky, which i don't mind but if mac are going to use the name: Brave red, i did expect something with a bit more red pigment in it.
 I wore this with Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclait foundation, and stuck to minimal eye make-up simply dramatized the eyes using Diorshow Mascara. I also concealed using mac studio finish concealer. This lipstick did massively wash me out, so add a blush on the apples of your cheek to keep yourself looking alive.
The lipstick had a very satin finish, which was nice to start with but what i find with the satin range by Mac is that they can be very drying on lip and highlights any lines you have, make sure to apply a lip balm first to keep your lips looking hydrated all night


BON BON indeed


Favorite new nail-color Bon Bon  by Ciate. Main reason I have been wearing it on repeat lately is because the color reminds me of those sickly sweet palmer violets :) (most people hate this sweet)

Really need a manicure eek

Looks really cute and feminine on, stays really well didn't chip for 2 days !!!! big deal for me 

Love h xx

Bourjois Beauty Buys

Bourjois is a really interesting high street brand in that its owned by Chanel and their products are made in the same factory using the same production methods. certain products have been speculated about whether or not they are the same product in different packaging. With a cheaper price tag it makes sense to purchase their products.

3 for 2 in boots so i decided to get three products: healthy Balance powder, Volumizer mascara and Light Concentrate De Lumiere.

Healthy Balance Powder

Inside the powder compact
My three beauty buys

shimmery concentre de lumiere

Light Concentre De Lumiere

Step 1 wand for the Volumizer mascara

Volumizer mascara

Step 2 wand for the Volumizer mascara

Love H xx

High Street Make-Up Brushes

ECOTOOLS- Blending Brush and Kabuki Brush

I recently purchased a set of extremely expensive brushes as a late (half) birthday present to myself, only to find after two weeks use brush hairs all over my face every time i used them. Having spent 5 mins tweezering these brush hairs off my face I decided i needed a new set of brushes. With a rather small budget I decided to see what brands of brushes boots were selling. 15 minutes later i was so sold!! after secretly opening the £10 ecotools brushes packet and inspecting closely I bought it. Nearly two weeks later and these brushes are just as important in my make-up box as my Shu Uemura brushes. If you're looking for a cheaper brush brand look no further than ecotools with each brush varying from 7-12 pounds. Today i'm going to tell you about my favorite two brushes the blending brush and the kabuki brush.

The blending brush is similar to the Mac 163 flat top contouring brush in that it too has a flat top and creates a sharp contour effect when used correctly. Contour brushes can take time to get used to as the perfect line can seem extremely scary when first applied but my advice is to just keep on blending. This brush couldn't do a better job. When comparing it to my Mac 163 it does have longer hairs so create less of a sharp effect, nevertheless is does the job and for £10.49 its pretty fantastic.

The Kabuki Brush is a must have accessory for anyone's make-up kit, so if your starting out its worthwhile to purchase a cheaper one. I use my kabuki brush for applying dry products such as blush and bronzer, it creates a flawless finish and an excellent coverage. The ecotools Kabuki brush whilst being at the cheaper end of the market still fulfills the job with its super soft Eco friendly fibers. Haven't experienced any malting which normally can be found with cheaper brushes. Overall these brushes are a fantastic for a lower price range. Recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Yves Saint Laurent- Le Teint Touche Eclait Foundation

Love the bottle :)
So today I want to tell you about my favorite foundation. It's a relatively new product by Yves Saint Laurent, which was originally exclusive to Selfridges. It really does create this phenomenal glow to the skin, even after a heavy night out when your feeling worse for wear, this foundation can transform your skin. 

Foundation really melts into skin

I've had so many compliments wearing this foundation which I believe  is down to the way the foundation melts into the skin. Lately I've found that foundations such as studio sculpt by Mac tend to sit on the skin, however the technology behind Le teint touche eclait is formula free of opaque powders which means there is no mask like texture. This foundation immaculately covers and evens the skin whilst still managing to look extremely natural.

I really recommend this product, if you want to achieve an effortless glow seen on the red carpet by stars such as Miranda kerr. Look really classy with a red lip and minimal eye make up, will perhaps make that my next video :)



A bit about me :)

First post !!!  Hi I'm Hayley :) thought I'd introduce myself by telling you a bit about myself. I'm a second year student at Newcastle University, Studying Media, Communications and Cultural Studies (yes it is a real subject) which I find fascinating. What you really need to know about me is that I'm a huuugge  BEAUTY JUNKIE ! I can't get enough of buying, trying and wearing make-up. In general I believe make-up and skincare products can be lifesavers and that make-up is a tool for enhancing your natural beauty.
Messing around

Love H x