Dramatic nails !


Haven't been able to do a post in ages, been a busy bee, which meant painting nails has been a hassle. I have been using false nails instead.... not the conventional french polish ones but more exciting dramatic ones like the ones above. 

These stick on nails have made regular appearances on nights out because they add instant drama to any outfit. The above sets of nails are both from Boots. The gold ones are from 17 and are £5.99 and the Umberto Giannini Painted Lady TALONS - Black Bobble Artificial Nails are £8.50. The reason I am loving stick on nails is that they are quick and easy to apply as well as easy to remove and you never have chipped nails!! They aren't super long which means they are easy to wear throughout the day without getting annoying.The glue in both of the sets lasts long especially the Umberto Giannini glue which lasted for 4 days before a nail came off.


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