So Lush, I kept it for myself....

I’ve slightly adopted the can’t stop won’t stop attitude to shopping, and seem to be finding amazing Christmas presents, getting them home and then deciding that I’ll keep them for myself!!  Sorry mummy but this post is all about your supposed lush stocking fillers, that I have adopted as my own, (woops.)

The Lush Dark Angel’s facial cleansing scrub is new to me, but I love any products that contain charcoal, I feel they remove any impurities and yucky oil from my skin! This is a fabulous scrub and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. The natural ingredient list makes it perfect for my problematic skin. The only downside to this product is the mess it makes!! Because it’s basically soot, your bath, shower and sink are left covered in a layer of black scum, yuck!! So make sure you wipe the surfaces clean after use, otherwise your partner/flatmate/family might think you’ve been rolling in mud!

There is something extremely exciting about using this cleanser, the concept of rubbing black clay all over my face, creates a new dimension of fun to my skincare routine. Whilst being incredibly messy, the results are pretty impressive, improved oil balance, glowing skin, less blackheads and amazingly smooth skin!!
Another scrub comes in the form of Santa’s lip scrub….. Lush are known for creating really good lip scrubs, and although I've come to realise these are something that can be easily made at home with ingredients found in the kitchen, it didn't stop me buying this festive product. The strong smell of cola bottles has provided me with a real dilemma over whether or not it is acceptable to lick the scrub of my lips. I seem to do be doing this all the time, without little thought towards the fact I am eating a beauty product, (what has my life become).

This scrub is Ideal for this time of the year, when the cold weather creates havoc on our lips. This lip scrub will help keep lips smooth and soft, whilst prepping them for a Christmas bright red lip!
I may appear incredibly selfish for stealing my lovely mothers Christmas presents, but hey, great decision. I've found a scrub/cleanser I will definitely be re-buying and a tasty treat for when my sugar cravings get too much, what a result.

You can buy these products online here!
Let me know if you've bought a friend a Christmas present and kept it for yourself?

Have you tried these fab products?


  1. I love the Santa lip scrub, I was going to wait to December to use it, but once I had tried it - I just couldn't help myself :o). Xx


  2. Ha tell me about it, too good to just keep for Christmas... tastes amazing!
    Lets connect through GFC and Bloglovin?

  3. Love Lush products sooo much. :-)
    Lovely greets Nessa


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