Super Liner

This Gel eyeliner is smooth, highly pigmented and very easy to apply. Gel eyeliners have been on the rise in the make-up world and it's great to find a high street brand getting a very tricky product so right!!!

 The gel eyeliner stayed on all day, which was a massive bonus, my eyeliner (regardless of the primer I use) tends to end up all over my eyelid and very rarely stays set all day, so I was ecstatic when I came home from a 9-5 day and found my eyeliner had stayed in place all day, and through a grueling spin class!!! Don't worry this doesn't mean taking your eye make-up will be a struggle, it washed off very easily.

 After recently trying Mac fluid line in backtrack and applying to my water line i was left with irritated eyes, this is far from the case with super liner, felt comfortable all day.

The brush is stiff enough to create a straight line but soft and flexible enough to work with. The brush is the perfect size, nice and small creating a immaculate line on my eyes.  What i would say is that the brush dried hard if you leave the gel liner on so make sure to wash your brush thoroughly after each use.

This product is a must try!! will really compete against Mac and Booby Brown. Favorite thing is the gel's extreme black pigment and staying power.

LOVE H xxx

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