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It would be rude not to do a Halloween tutorial!! Unfortunately I've never warmed to Halloween in fact I used to be petrified of it as a kid. Think its time I grew up and had fun with it, so, today I'm going to show you how to create this look (see above.)
Its actually pretty simple and also highlights the difference between makeup and no makeup, especially if you look at the size difference of my eyes (oh jeez.)

1.       Begin by apply a matte foundation to the area that you don’t want to be white, before contouring heavily (this looks best).

2.        Next work on the eye creating a really dramatic effect. I used my normal makeup, for black smoky eyes, which is Mac eye shadow in Carbon and Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner in Jet Black.

3.       Now apply bright red lipstick (Rouge D'Armani) to the part of the lip you want to have makeup on.

4.       Apply white face paint to the area without makeup, take it down the neck and over the eye, perhaps do a couple of coats to make sure it’s really intense and then leave to dry.

5.       Finally draw a jagged black line around your face with face paint or black liquid eyeliner; this will act as the outline, continue by applying crack lines.

This is so simple and looks awesome!! Have a go and let me know what you think!


  1. Love this look! Great idea to compliment a simple black dress for Halloween!


  2. Thank you so much,
    I followed you on bloglovin! Love your blog :)

  3. Thank you for the comment, we should connect through GFC and Bloglovin, your blog looks great!


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