I've always believed that quickly splashing a couple of coats of nail varnish over my childish looking nails will be fine, not great, but fine. I have spent ridiculous sums of money trying to make them look more appealing however my style changes every day and I want my nails to reflect this.
Where I do like to spend my dollar is on False nails or crazy nail art and my love for these have blossomed, ending up today in a full blown addiction! I tend to  buy false nails specifically for an event and will only keep them on for roughly a day!

You can find quite a large array of falsies in boots in the nail aisle, which is where I found these Henry Hollands nails (eeekk) instantly fell in love!! I am a huge fan of Henry's outlandish style and with the recent craze for crazy nail art there is no one better to design a range of fun nails!! This particular set of falsies have red hearts cleverly painted on the ends, some have  broken hearts, (for days when you are feeling particularly unforgiving.)  Personally they suit my crazy personality, however if they don't grab your attention check out his other sets online here.

I can honestly tell you now that I am the most inpatient person that exists, I can't wait for anything in life and especially not my nails to dry!  I've become reliant on false nails such as these, they are easy to apply, finished to a high standard, (don't look like a 5 year old has painted your nails) and don't require you to waste your time waiting for them to set!

Let me know your opinion on falsies?
Do you love or hate House of Holland nails?


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