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Like most women I am under the impression that there is something I am missing when it comes to makeup. I flick through the glossy magazines and see flawless glowing skin with huge perfectly lined eyes staring back at me and I feel like I'm being deceived, as if the beauty industry is keeping their treasured secrets under lock and key. Whilst the truth is yes, some makeup artists have their own tricks and tips when it comes to makeup application, they are certainly not hiding them from us instead most are extremely willing to share them.Wondering how you can be in the presence of a makeup genius? Well the answer is having a redeemable makeover at a department store.  I know I go on and on about redeemable makeovers, but I swear they are the best way to learn about makeup. STOP buying makeup from department stores without having one, if you need a new foundation or fancy a new lipstick find a time when you have an hour free and take advantage of having your face painted by true artists.

 My latest redeemable makeover, was memorable for all the right reasons! I have to say I don't think i have ever learnt so much information  in one hour (which is depressing bearing in mind how much money I spend on my university degree!), I truly felt like I was in makeup heaven. Somehow I managed to walk into Selfridges, without an appointment, on a friday at 5pm, (Rush hour in makeup land) and found myself in the world class hands of Benoit Dumont. Benoit has worked all over the world from prepping models for the catwalk to applying makeup for Film and TV and now works as a Nars national makeup artist.  I am certainly no model or movie star however Benoit treated me like one, he understood my request  to look like a goddess, to obtain a glowing complexion and give the illusion of bigger eyes and  lips, (the wish list of every girl).

Benoit got to work quickly  and I was extremely impressed with the Nars skincare range which was applied  prior to the makeup. The skincare products included  no unknown ingredients and Benoit assured me it was ideal for all skin types, ranging from dry sensitive skin, to  my oily spot prone skin. The Optimal Brightening Concentrate (a radiance boosting serum) helped the foundation look  flawless and stopped it from sticking to  dry patches (a sign of winter approaching.)

I applaud Benoit he was incredibly patient with my spot infested skin and treated me like royalty!!  What was so exciting about this makeover was the way Benoit explained every single thing he did, why he was doing it and accompanied by an invaluable tip. 

Benoit's top 5 tips (MUST READ)

1. Apply foundation onto the palm of the hand, warm it by rubbing onto the Palm and then apply using fingertips. I hear you screaming at the thought of not using your new Shu Umera foundation brush, but this  technique is something you really should try. It is way more hygienic for acne prone skin and allows you to be more precise with where you want to apply coverage plus you will use far less product (saving you money).

2. Matt vs glow was something in which Benoit was extremely passionate. He believed that you shouldn't make everything matt nor  should you attempt to  make everything glow (you will end up looking like you've been dipped in grease, ew.) The tip is to leave the cheeks  and eyelids glowing by using a liquid blush, cream eye shadow and illuminater whilst powdering along the t-zone. This will make you look super healthy and create a natural canvas.

3. Apply powder with a puff rather than a powder brush!! Powder brushes disturb the carefully applied concealer and foundation. Instead use a powder puff and press the powder into the skin, this will stop your powder from sitting on the skin and will completely set your makeup in place for the whole day.

4.  To create a healthy glow, apply a highlighter before your foundation, this way it looks more natural and doesn't just sit on the surface of the foundation.

5. Apply lip gloss under lipstick, I know it sounds crazy but it makes you look less like a wannabe barbie and more like a Victoria secrets model!!

 I have included the face chart Benoit created for my makeover which lists the products he used to create my look. During the makeover I fell in love with The Multiple in shade Copacabana and simply had to have it! This retractable stick, can be used for multiple uses from highlighter to lipstick and can help create dimension to your face on a dull day. The formula was creamy, bendable and easy to apply, when worn under the foundation it melted into the skin and created a gorgeous glow. If you are not already sold on this product you will be when i tell you that it contains Vitamin E and Accai oil for antioxidant benefits. This product is now firmly in my makeup routine and truly has made a massive difference in my overall appearance, (thank god.) Since I've started wearing this highlighter I have had an array of complements about how well rested and energised I look, (they must have missed the huge dark bags under my eyes.)

 Overall I really recommend a Nars redeemable makeover, after all it's free with a £30 pound or over spend on Nars makeup. It left me looking and feeling like a million dollars, whilst having learnt invaluable tips and tricks that I will treasure for life. 

You can buy Copacabana highlighter online, however I do recommend going into a department store and having the free makeover, it's an hour long and you won't regret it!  If you are impatient like me and can't wait to purchase this product buy it here !

Do you enjoy redeemable makeovers?
What brand would you go to for a redeemable makeover?
Do you love Nars multiple?
Any tips or tricks you couldn't live without?


  1. Great post, I adore NARS products! Just followed :) x


  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Nars products rock!!

  3. This post was awesome! I love that you shared what was used for you, and what you really loved! You are making me want to go get one done on myself!


  4. Hi Becky, Seriously you should go asap.... every girl needs to be treated like a princess, even if it just for one hour!!
    Lets connect via GFC and Bloglovin?
    thank you for your comment :)

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