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Chanel lipstick is one of a kind  in my opinion in terms of colour, longevity and feel, there is nothing in my eyes that compares to it. Their rouge hydra-base creme lipstick is a soft creamy texture which creates smooth hydrated lips, and certainly no cracking, smudging, fading or splitting! Speaking of smudging please remember that lipstick should be worn with caution around raging hormonal men, saw a terrible sight the other day with a girl whose lipstick was on her forehead, kiss with caution! Back to the lipstick, the finish reminds me of satin and the colour 'splendeur' which is a bright almost fuchsia pink complements all skin tones.


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  2. Hi Nessa,
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  3. Woww....you look beautiful, and you have amazing eyes, the lipstick looks great on you! Thanks for stopping by! About your comment, for me the "bloglovin" is just a tool to be updated with my "GFC (blog followers)" posts. Therefore, I only follow through "bloglovin" my "GFC (blog followers)"
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