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 Kevyn Auccoin was a make-up genius and is a huge beauty icon of mine. His tried and tested techniques live on today through his brand  which have created products to allow women to look beautiful at all times! Every now and then I splash out on a treat from Kevyn Aucoin. My latest purchase (which I'm very proud of) contains everyday eye essentials and things found in most ladies make-up bags.

Best of Eyes box is full of goodies ensuring that you have all the tools to create beautiful eyes quickly and with ease (Aucoin's ethos.) This is truly a make-up lovers dream come true, it is the perfect present, so if you are a boy (god help you) and have accidentally found yourself reading this, remember this product, Christmas isn't far around the corner!! Parting with £84 was rather painful although when you consider that you get 5 products that I almost guarantee will become part of your everyday beauty routine it is so worth the sting! I mean seriously the volume mascara, eye pencil primatif, precision brow pencil, essential eye shadow and wait for it dun dun dun The Eyelash Curler all in one box ahh almost too much to believe!!
 Lets start with The essential Eye shadow in Bronze, what a fabulous colour! A gold that manages to look  natural is almost impossible to find as they normally tend to have too much glitter in, however this shade is more  luminous creating a glowing finish to the eyes. Gold eye-shadow isn't exactly inconspicuous but this one can be worn day or night  giving the impression you were tucked in bed by 8'oclock, creating wider brighter eyes! The eye-shadow itself feels creamy upon application, blends perfectly and doesn't crease, ever.... hoorah!!

Fancy being complemented on your incredible eyebrows on a regular basis? then you need to invest in the precision brow pencil! It really is the perfect  shade and application tool for all eyebrows and is super easy to use, it sculpts and defines your eyebrows whilst the thin lead helps create the look of drawing on individual hairs. Perfect for holidays as the formula is waterproof, so you won't sweat it off (disgusting but it does happen)
 One end is a retractable pencil and the other end features an eyebrow brush, 
 The eye pencil primatif is a a slim pencil with a smudge tip to help with blending, the black is super duper pigmented and lasts all day long! Frustrating to remove but worth it, allowing you to last all day without getting panda eyes! Again a good black eyeliner is something every girl should own!

 For those of you who don't use a eyelash curler, I urge you to buy one and try, the difference they can make is incredible, they help make your eyes look wider and larger as well as making you look more awake! Similarly as popular as Shu Umera's eyelash curler, however this curler has a red silicon strip making it easier to see and get closer to the base of your eye!
The volume mascara has a unique thin brush allowing you to access right into the corners of the eyes and thicken every single eyelash. The formula doesn't clump or flake and is defiantly one of the longest wearing mascaras I've worn to date! It just seems to work wonders for my eyelashes, defining them, lengthening them and thickening!
Overall I am excited to incorporate these fabulous products into my everyday beauty regime, and I recommend the set for everyone and anyone!!

Do you prefer Shu Uemura eyelash curlers or Kevyn Aucoin? Let me know below :)


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