Illamasqua’s Neutral Palette

Illamasqua is a brand which may come across quite intimidating due to its background, originally created for alternative personalities and the OTT but incredible makeup that the artists in the stores wear! I urge you to re-consider your opinion about this brand, they have some of the best pigments I have come across and like all makeup can be applied to your personal preference. Whether your style is subtle natural make-up or Hollywood glamour these make up products will work for you!

I came across the Neutral Palette on a recent dash to Selfridges to be dolled up before a friends birthday. You may not know that most of the brands in these department stores offer an hour of makeup application for roughly £30, (price depending on brand) however with this price not only do you get flawless make-up but you can keep any items which add up to the price you payed! FANTASTIC a free makeover.... 
On this particular day I chose Illamasqua to make me into a princess, firstly because I knew their pigments lasted, which for me was top priority as I had 4 hours in between being prepped and the party. Secondly I wanted a new foundation, and had previously bought Skin Base which I adored, (perfect for creating a glowing complexion) however like all of my recent shopping exhibitions I went needing one thing and came out with something completely different. I'm not regretting my purchase, in fact thinking about it, this product is now a staple part of my everyday look therefore I must have needed it!

I was drawn to the Neutral Palette for the simple reason that the fabulous make-up artist created a masterpiece on my eyes with this quad, all the colours complemented each other perfectly and were practical! What girl doesn't need a chocolate brown shade (wolf) for contouring , a nice n’ neutral base (Stealth), a shimmery gold which is exclusive to this palette (vintage) and an intense matte black to create an smoldering eye (Obsidian). Use them together or separately to create a range of looks, but most  importantly they last, whether  its that you've been  dancing just like Beyonce all night long or so you think, or because you've burst  into tears and are screaming at your boyfriend in the middle of a busy street "I'm on my f-ing period," when he suggests eating a more healthy dinner instead of pizza! HOW DARE HE!

One thing I would point out is that it is a slight pain to remove, so I would recommend a really good eye-make up remover something like Smashbox-It's a wrap, will do the trick. Sadly a quick swipe with a make-up wipe just isn't going to cut it.

I applaud you Illmasqua, you've created a perfect product for £34 which suits all colouring's, creates multiple looks and is oh so practical, what more could i ask for.... (daddy,  I really NEED a new foundation.)

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