Ciate Advent Calender

Being a winter born baby, means that the Christmas period is really the most important time of the year!! I treasure every minute of it, and love sticking to Christmas traditions. One of my favourite traditions whilst growing up was the Advent Calendar, although considering that all you get is one small chocolate each day, the excitement on the first of December is kind of ridiculous and absurd. Over the years I've kept up the advent tradition,  but the last couple of years I've been trying to make more of an effort to “eat clean, stay lean.” This doesn't mean I shun chocolate out of my life, sadly however, it means having one a day would probably through me off track... This is where I introduce the alternative Calendar!!
Ciate Mini Mani Month

Last year I was very fortunate to receive the Ciate Mini Mani Month calendar from my mummy, (she is the best!) Chocolate addicts BEWARE, this calendar is not edible, however you can pick up a cheap chocolate calendar in Tesco’s for less than a fiver, so if you can’t stand parting from the sugar, why not have both!!

You've probably heard of Ciate, through their creation of the caviar manicure, (a 3d manicure with colourful balls.) If you haven’t tried their nail varnishes, then I really recommend checking them out. The brand creates amazing pigmented colours and come in super sweet packaging, with little bows around the neck of the bottle. 

The calendar opens each day to reveal a new  mini polish, caviar pearl or glitter, last year I decided upon opening each day of the calendar, I would wear whatever polish I was given for that specific day.  This meant I spent a whole month of changing my nail polish, slightly tiring but so worth it!! The amount of comments I received on my nails was insane. It just seemed like fun to incorporate my favourite thing (beauty) into my favourite time of year!  The pictures I've included are of last year’s calendar and I tried to locate as many of the polishes and caviar pearls as I could, to give you an idea of the colours involved, (seemed to have lost a large amount booo.)

This year’s calendar contains:
19x5ml mini paint pots
1x13.5 paint pot
2x 10g caviar pearls
2x5g sequins/glitters

Priced at £42, which does sound pretty pricey for an advent calendar, however if you think about it, you receive 24 nail polishes/pears/glitters and also a way to have fun with your nail polishes, by changing it up every day for the Christmas period!! Personally this calendar rocks…. I definitely found it more exciting to find a gorgeous nail varnish behind the door instead of chocolate. 

You can buy the Ciate Mini Mani Month calendar online  here.

Make sure to buy it in advance of the 1st of December as they sold out last year!!

Did you buy the Ciate Mini Mani Month calender last year? What did you think?
If you have any questions please comment!

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