English Rose

After spending a fabulous lazy afternoon in bed flicking through magazines for new beauty trends, I came across this look, reminiscent of an English rose that was featured on the catwalk at the Burberry show for spring/summer 2014. It immediately reminded of my childhood, rummaging through my mother’s makeup bag and applying her Chanel pink lipstick, not so carefully to my lips, eyelids and finally drawing two pink army stripes across my cheeks. I know what you’re thinking, that kid had style and whilst I may have looked bonkers to my family, it seems the look is back in, although in a matured sense.

Unlike the masterpiece I created 15 years ago, the pink I used was less dramatic, as I wanted to create something that would be befitting for a ballerina. I used Maybelline, Color Sensational lipstick, in Summer Pink, as its fresh, pretty and has a slight shimmer to it which helped to achieve a glowing complexion.

Lighter shade is Maybelline Color Sensational in Summer Pink. Darker shade is an example of the type of colour I stole from my mothers makeup bag 15 years ago to create my princess in pink look!
My everyday makeup normally consists of contouring my face and wearing a nude lip, (boring, but me!) I choose nudes over pinks, out of personal preference; my skin tone is better suited to brown hues. Being a beauty enthusiast means that you've got to try new things and pink eyes and lips was apparently was one of them!

Step by Step Instructions

1. First apply a glowing foundation, or just conceal areas if you are blessed with flawless skin.... (Lucky cow.)

2. Next take a gel/cream eye shadow in a light pink shade or the lipstick you are going to use and apply all over the lids, making sure to blend fully, applying a little at a time, building up to the desired shade. It's better to have too little product and build then apply too much at once and end up looking like a clown.

3. Apply a lengthening mascara being careful to avoid clumps.( this is a very delicate,  natural look.)

4. Apply a moisturising lip balm, then chose a lipstick that best matches the colour used on your eyes, or use the lipstick you used on your lids. Apply this lipstick with your finger to create a stain and not a perfect lined lip. 

5. Finally use the same shade of lipstick and apply onto the apple of the cheeks, blending with your fingertips, (remember a little goes a long way.)

You should be left with a healthy glowing complexion that is pretty and subtle. Although I'm not used to wearing pinky shades, especially on my eyes, I’m impressed by the overall effect, I look awake, healthy and my makeup appears natural. I’m still in amazement that you can use one product, costing £7.19, for 3 different functions, to create one beautiful on trend look.

What do you think of this trend?
Do you use any other products in more than one way?
If you have any questions comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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