Riding the Waves

Girls, if you have naturally wavy hair and have straightened your hair in the last day or so, shame on you!!! I would kill for curly hair, having dead straight hair has become a sad part of my life, stemming from over exposing my mane to dye and heat. My hair is now lifeless and, well, dead straight!!

I’m always searching for new tools to create exciting curls/waves that will add volume and life to my tresses; recently I’ve been trying  a tool by Babyliss, which creates a loose crimped look! I know what you are thinking; I too rocked the tightly crimped hair at school and regret the decisions, massively! Do not fear this will look completely different, although the crimped look has recently come back into fashion, surprisingly!!

 Directions for use

1.       Wash your hair with volumizing moisture shampoo and conditioner, I recommend shampooing twice to make sure you hair is full of volume and not product build-up. I’m currently using Redkin Clear Moisture, which helps my hair lock in moisture, (much needed now the weather is getting colder.) It’s best to style your hair a day or so after your last wash- this way it will stay put for longer.

2.       After washing, Spritz your damp hair with a leave in conditioner such as Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance and brush through with a Tangle Teezer.

3.        Next, apply a heat protection cream. I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your hair from damage caused by styling!! Redkin Satin wear Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion will do just that, plus it leaves hair soft, shiny and totally manageable!!

4.       I recommend leaving your hair to dry naturally overnight, if this is absurd for you continue with your normal blow dry, but your hair will thank you if you give it a rest and let it dry naturally!

5.       After leaving your hair for a day, brush through the hair making sure it’s smooth and knot free.

6.       Now we can begin to create fabulous wavy hair, first tie hair into a loose bun on top of the head, leaving a section of hair underneath, this will be the first layer to style.

7.       Start at the top of the head and close the tool around a section of hair, hold for 10 seconds depending on thickness of hair, and then move down to the next area. Continue this step for the entire layer.

8.       Once you've styled the entire layer, spray with L’oreal Elnett hairspray,so that this look lasts.

9.       Keep pulling down new layers of hair and repeating step 7 & 8 until you have finished the entire head of hair.

1.       Ta Da, you should now have silky smooth wavy hair. Make sure to finish with a shine spray, such as John Frieda 100% shine glossing mist.

Let me know what you think of this look?
Do you prefer straight or curly hair?

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