It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Tru beauty, a brand whose skincare products not only look and smell high quality, but the ingredients couldn't be more luxurious.  Sara Jane Lynch has created a unique brand suitable for all skin types and specifically high maintenance skin. The brands ethos is believable skincare for unbelievable skin, and the products certainly live up to this! Her understanding of her customer and belief that they deserve a high quality,  glamorous product with luxurious packaging, that would look, smell and feel as gorgeous and glamorous as the products made her feel.

Sarah Jane has created Three skincare products, with the help of biochemists and skin care experts. All of her products are free from skincare nasties, there are no unnecessary chemicals in these products, instead they are rich in natural oils and ingredients which help unlock the secret to fabulous problem free skin!

Tru: Ultimate Deep Cleanse. 150ml £25

This cleanser smells incredible and certainly does the job at removing makeover and impurities from the skin. but in a gentle way, by purifying the skin without stripping it off essential oils! This product contained unknown ingredients to me, but upon research I found them to be extremely beneficial, such as the use of Wild Pansy which has healing and cleansing properties.  It can be applied with your fingertips massaging into the skin with circular motion before removing with a cotton wool pad or equally can be applied as you would a face wash. This cleanser really does seem like a treat when you use and leaves an incredible smell reminiscent of a spa.

Tru: Toning Treatment. 150ml £28

Don’t let a toner scare you away! I know what you are thinking eeekk squeaky clean skin that is left dry and tight. This is the opposite; it hydrates, softens and calms the skin. Spritzing the skin before applying the moisturiser helps prep the skin for being as receptive to the moisturise as possible.  The smell of this product is zesty and refreshing and is ideal as a mid-day spritz to help awaken your makeup and give your face a much needed refreshment and moisture boost.

Tru: Holy Grail Facial Moisturizer. 30ml £42

Many individuals with high maintenance skin tend to forget the importance of moisturizer. If you have dry skin, spending money on a good quality moisturiser is vital, alternatively if you have acne please don’t neglect moisture, drying the skin out too much will only result in your oil glands over producing oil to compensate for lost moisture! This moisturiser helps lock in essential ingredients such as Camellia oil and Shea butter but leaves no gunky residue sitting on the skin!! Again this product smells and feels so luxurious and is a pleasant surprise compared to those pharmacy products, which definitely lack in glamour!!

I've e seen a tremendous difference in my skin, noticeably the horrible huge spots are healing and no new ones seem to be forming, plus my skin is positively  and glowing . My skin feels healthy and rested. I really recommend this brand Sara Jane has suffered herself from ‘high maintenance skin,’ so she has tested these products until she found a   combination of ingredients which worked. Big beauty brands can very quickly and easily create a product for a certain skin type with little thought, however it takes a lot of effort, time and compassion to create a brand like Tru beauty. They stay  Tru to the promise of creating a skincare regime you will keep repurchasing for years to come. Their products have just launched in Fenwicks Bond St. Tru Beauty are holding a customer meet and greet evening on Friday 15th of November in Fenwick Bond St, so I will keep you updated regarding times.

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  1. Amazing review - can't wait to try these products!

  2. Leah,you wont regret it!! they are fab.....
    Thank you for the comment x
    lets connect through GFC and bloglovin?

  3. I've tried the toning treatment. loved it x


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