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ECOTOOLS- Blending Brush and Kabuki Brush

I recently purchased a set of extremely expensive brushes as a late (half) birthday present to myself, only to find after two weeks use brush hairs all over my face every time i used them. Having spent 5 mins tweezering these brush hairs off my face I decided i needed a new set of brushes. With a rather small budget I decided to see what brands of brushes boots were selling. 15 minutes later i was so sold!! after secretly opening the £10 ecotools brushes packet and inspecting closely I bought it. Nearly two weeks later and these brushes are just as important in my make-up box as my Shu Uemura brushes. If you're looking for a cheaper brush brand look no further than ecotools with each brush varying from 7-12 pounds. Today i'm going to tell you about my favorite two brushes the blending brush and the kabuki brush.

The blending brush is similar to the Mac 163 flat top contouring brush in that it too has a flat top and creates a sharp contour effect when used correctly. Contour brushes can take time to get used to as the perfect line can seem extremely scary when first applied but my advice is to just keep on blending. This brush couldn't do a better job. When comparing it to my Mac 163 it does have longer hairs so create less of a sharp effect, nevertheless is does the job and for £10.49 its pretty fantastic.

The Kabuki Brush is a must have accessory for anyone's make-up kit, so if your starting out its worthwhile to purchase a cheaper one. I use my kabuki brush for applying dry products such as blush and bronzer, it creates a flawless finish and an excellent coverage. The ecotools Kabuki brush whilst being at the cheaper end of the market still fulfills the job with its super soft Eco friendly fibers. Haven't experienced any malting which normally can be found with cheaper brushes. Overall these brushes are a fantastic for a lower price range. Recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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