Mr Bright

Recently rekindled my love for benefit, Haven't worn any of their products in over two years but after getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted (recommend them however slightly pricey) today I decided to purchase a new set Finding Mr Bright this set me back £28.50. Inside this cute little box contains everything you need to brighten your skin for the winter months.

Girl Meets Pearl:  This is a great highlighter that has an extremely sweet smell to it. Use it along the arch's of your eyebrows, cheekbones, center of your nose and cupids bow. Apparently the smell is meant to relax you due to the hints of chamomile, not sure how much of this is true? Really easy application no need for frantic blending, seeps into skin nicely.  Great brightening effect with this highlighter, immediately gives a rather tired looking face a lift.

Posie Tint:
Unlike Benetint this product is more of a gel formula which is great as its easier to apply and less watery  Doesn't have a scent unfortunately however its a great pick me up when added to the lips or apples of the cheeks for a rosy red cheek look. I also feel this product goes a long way, make sure to blend properly so you don't look like you've been stuck in a sunbed for an hour.

High Beam:
This well know product is made to highlight underneath your brow to create an impression of a bigger eye by lifting the brow. It actually won Style magazine's best illuminating lotion/cream award which must count for something!! Don' let the pink colour put you off I really do think it suits all skin types.

Erase Paste:
Sorry if your super into this product and punching the screen in anger when i say I don't like this concealer., I found this concealer to sit on the top of my skin without melting in. Perhaps if you have more supple skin around your eye area it could work for you. Good example of how make-up can be great for one person and terrible for the next. I do however recommend this product if you need heavy coverage for skin problems such as acne. 


In conclusion I think this set and a lot of sets by Benefit are really great present ideas. It contains some really lovely products which are great for travel. Take these minis in your hand luggage and apply just before landing to give yourself a perk. Also the case doubles as a keepsake box once you remove the inner packaging.

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