Perk me up please

My mummy bought me this benefit set as a present for being her favorite :) I think this product is such a great concept. Inside the Perk Up Artist are custom complexion correctors which you can use on their own or mix and match. 

Pretty self explanatory the correct, corrects any pigmentated skin for instance in the winter my nose tends to light up like Rudolph the reindeer so i use this to calm everything down and bring the colour back to match the rest of my face. The cover works the same way a concealer does by cover any blemishes that the foundation hasn't masked. Finally the Brighten, lifts and draws attention to certain features of your face.It comes with a double ended brush but my dad hoovered it up :(. I never really like the brushes as i feel concealer should be applied with the finger as it helps warm the product up.

These can be used on their own or you can mix them together, for instance mixing the cover and brighten together and applying under the eye to create an illuminating concealer which brightens the eye area. 

The best thing about this product is that you can throw it in your bag and touch up your make-up throughout the day.

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