I'm a fan of the fan

 Recently been having problems with my blusher application, I've found that it seems blotchy and not as smooth as I would like. I decided to purchase a fan shaped brush mainly because my friend swears by using hers to apply her blusher. This one is from Parisax Professional, a brand who in my opinion make great brushes that are not only soft (100% goats hair)  creating a flawless application but are strong making them last without shedding of hairs (drives me crazy!!)

These brushes are great if you tend to be heavy handed as they help create a softer look, or if you want your blush or bronzer to be sheerer. Fan brushes can be used in many ways, perfect for cleaning up powder that has fallen from your eyes, by just fanning it away, or for  blending out harsh lines!! Use it as a powder brush, the thin shape allows you to concentrate simply on the t-zone leaving your cheeks to glow!

Let me know what you think of ParisAx Proffesional as a brand?
Or what you think of fan brushes?


  1. This brush sounds like the perfect brush for me!
    Thanks for sharing. Please check out my blog - devonabeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Thank you Devona, it really is a fantastic buy
    lets connect through Bloglovin and GFC!


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