That why the lady she's a Vamp!

When wearing makeup I try and stick to either intense eyes or an intense lip, not because I oppose to wearing both together, I just believe if you concentrate on one area such as the lip its a stronger look, plus it wears well in the day.
Saying that this look that I created has both a deep eye and lip and I have to say it creates a wow effect!!  My aim for this look was to make the perfect lip shade, (yes I concocted it myself) I wanted a really deep wine shade and whilst I have loads of striking pillar box red lipsticks, I have yet to find my perfect DEEP RED. Soo... I decided to mix and mix I did, Using Giorgio Armani lipstick in shade Rouge D'Armani as my base colour, I  then added  Bourgois  Queen Attitude eyeliner stick to darken the shade (I've named my shade Vamp). I know what you are thinking, eyeliner as lipstick, shes lost the plot!! Fear not, I'm not totally bonkers, I've used this trick for ages now, I think using beauty products in different ways is fun and follows my ethos, when it comes to makeup- Play around!! I wouldn't however recommend mixing your lipstick with eyeliner everyday as it probably wouldn't be very moisturizing and might make your lips dry out, but every know and then its perfectly fine to use. This trick will  also make your lipstick stay on all night long so you won't need to keep running to the toilet to touch up!

For the eyes I used my Urban Decay palette with the shades Dark horse as my base, toasted along the eye crease and hustle in the corner of the eye to darken the look. I then blended the entire pigment right to my eyebrow, before using Kevyn Aucoin eyeliner  in Basic Black all over the waterline, drawing it around the entire eye and smoking it out. I applied lashings of Kevyn Aucoin Mascara  and for the eyebrows I used benefit Brow Zing palette and filled in my brows and elongated them.

Let me know what you think of this look?
Have you ever mixed to create your perfect lipstick colour?
Or are you actually sane and can recommend any good deep wine lipsticks?
comment below :)


  1. Thats such a beautiful lip colour! I love it!
    Great make up look, really suits you.


    Hannah X

  2. Thank you for the comment Hannah
    Lets connect through GFC and Blogspot?

    Hayley x

  3. Gorgeous make up, especially the eyes! :)


  4. Hi Sophie, thank you so much
    lets connect through GFC and Bloglovin?
    Hayley x


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