Review- Giorgio Armani, Maestro Fusion Foundation

Before you start criticizing me I apologise in advance for the fact that I've only just discovered this foundation! yes I have been incredibly slow, and yes you probably have read a review on this product thousands of times, but if you are the select few and have somehow managed to bypass Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Foundation then I am writing this review for you!!

I was Persuaded to buy this foundation by Elle's September issue in which they named it best foundation (must be good) at reading this I thought I best see what all the hype is about. This foundation is very  bizarre, this isn't a bad thing per say just an observation. Describing the texture and feel when applied on the skin is difficult all I can really say is that it begins as a consistency of a really thin oil and then once on skin its seemed to disappear leaving your skin looking as if you are hardly wearing any makeup in fact it is almost detectable to the naked eye. It doesn't offer a huge amount of coverage but is certainly more than a tinted mosturiser. If you have relatively good skin and want a hardly-there look but relay on a foundation to wake up your skin and make you look healthy then this is the foundation for you, especially if you have normal-oily skin (dryer skin be cautious of this foundation.) My boyfriend is very quick to pick out girls that are caked in too much foundation, so I now fear the dreaded cake look making this product  perfect for me, in fact he actually applauded me for not wearing any foundation and looking great even though I was wearing The Maestro Fusion Foundation (what he doesn't know wont kill him.)  It's a build-able foundation which means you can follow my approach and apply one thin coat to the entire face but then another layer to the t-zone to give more coverage when you need it!

The application isn't exactly mess free, but it does help control how much you need, without the too much with two pumps, two little with one pump dilemma. One thing I would say is that be careful wearing this foundation if you have dry skin and I recommend a hydrating moisturizer and serum prior to application. It's not that it drys the skin out,  It just seems to stick to any dry patches creating a flaky appearance, (not hot.)  This Foundation manages my oily t-zone extremely well and doesn't cause me to break out (yay) and stays put all day long (with the help of powder.) 

Although I admire this foundation for creating a undetectable look whilst still giving the right amount of coverage, I will not be re-purchasing it anytime soon. Firstly because this pot Is going to last my ages and secondly because as the nights are getting darker I can feel the dreaded cold winter days approaching, meaning only one thing for me, dry skin!! :( Sadly this foundation does not seem to be able to handle any dryness on the face so I will be looking for a more hydrating foundation, perhaps I will pick this back up in the summer months.

I'm shade 6, I wouldn't recommend buying online as it is hard to guess your shade, go into a department store such as Selfridges and be colour matched. 

Let me know if you Love or hate this product?
Are you being loyal and sticking to it over winter?
Or just if you have any questions, please comment below :)


  1. Great review, I have heard mixed reviews on this foundation. some say its amazing and others say its an ok foundation. If I was to try one foundation from giorgio it would be the luminous silk foundation I have heard great thing about that foundation.

  2. Hi Evelyn,
    I used to wear luminous silk, It's a better choice for dryer skin!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Let's connect through GFC and Bloglovin?
    Hayley x


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