Mask Mondays

My skin gets covered in (warpaint) makeup all week long and although I really look after it, I still relay on this mask. It helps to remove all of the impurities and dirt that has got wedged into my pores over the week (I live in London, lots of pollution)

The Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask is my go to product when my skin is looking and feeling congested! I am a sucker for any products that are thermal (become warm when applied)  as the warmth really helps open the pores allowing the ingredients of the product in this case charcoal and Kaolin clay to  draw out the impurities from deep within the skin.  Kaolin clay is specifically know for drying the skin by absorbing excess oil and increasing blood flow to the area which helps with inflammation and redness! But this mask isn't just purifying the skin it also re balances the oil levels (no stripping YAY) cleansing and clarifying the skin leaving it clean and silky soft to touch.
The product itself is fairly thick and grayish green and rather messy when applying, you only need the size of a 2 pound coin for the whole face less if you are just focusing on the t-zone. Smell wise I  wasn't blown away in fact i cant get a whiff of anything from this product which actually is a massive thumbs up as it usually means the ingredient list is simple without loads of added extras and the back of the bottle reflected that there were no unnecessary chemicals inside!

When I ask friends and family if they use masks, they often reply that they simply don't have the time in their busy lives to sit around waiting for a magic product to work wonders on their skin!! Fear not for this mask gets to works straight away and only needs to be left on for 5 minutes, come on guys everyone has 5 minutes spare to look after your skin and help make you look even more beautiful! I use this product in a very unconventional way, as i tend to have a very oily t-zone but normal-dry cheeks i only apply this mask along the t-zone and instead apply a hydrating mask such as No7 Beautiful Skin- Hydration Mask to my cheeks. This helps the contrasting skin types on my face to be in harmony with each other rather than being polar opposites.

Remember to buy products for your own personal skin type!! If you have extremely dry skin this is not the product for you!! It will leave you with dry irritated skin instead you need a hydrating mask to help your skin lock in moisture.

Directions for use

1. cleanse skin thoroughly to remove make-up (I recommend using this product after a long hot shower or bath so that your pores are already nice and open.)

2. Apply  a thin layer of The sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask (twice weekly) along the t-zone massaging it into the skin (or if needed apply to whole face,) If needed apply a hydrating mask onto the cheek area.

3. You will feel it warm and then cool naturally, after 5 minutes remove the mask, I use a cloth damp warm (muslin or face cloth) to remove the product before splashing with cool water to close the pores.

4. Pat dry and follow with your normal skincare regime, (make sure you don't neglect your moisturizer.)


Comment below with your favourite Purifying masks?
What are your feeling on thermal products?
Do you have mixed skin types, oily on the t-zone and dry on the cheeks?


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